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    How to Motivate Staff, Productivity, and Conflict Resolution

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    How can you motivate the staff that are not as productive as the others whom appear to be dedicated?

    Isn't there a benefit to re-motivate staff instead of hiring new staff?

    If you get disgruntled with anyone else in the organization; or if someone is disgruntled with you how do you handle the situation other than to remain silent?

    What is one conflict resolution that you feel is effective?

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    To motivate any staff you have to create enthusiasm for the work and the person. To do this you must talk to and listen to the person. Find out their concerns. It may be something as simple as they need to know they do the job well or that you appreciate their work or work ethic. Sometimes they are uncomfortable with the job and they might need more training. Offering things that will improve their work condition is the fastest way to create motivation and loyalty. Following Maslow's Theory of Needs ...

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    The solution discusses how to motivate staff, productivity, and conflict resolution.