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Maintaining competitive advantages

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Describe how organization maintains or attempts to maintain competitive advantage. What do they do well? What improvements could they make? Support your answer.

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Competitive advantage is defined by Zimmerer and Scarborough (1998) as the aggregation of factors that sets a company apart from its competitors and gives it a unique position in the market. This definition indicates that competitive advantage may be a result of the resources, efforts, and strategies of a company that provide in an edge over the other players in the industry.

How it is attained

Zimmerer and Scarborough further noted that building a competitive advantage is a result of strategic thinking. To attain it, a company must establish a plan for creating a unique image in the minds of the potential customer.

The said unique image may not necessarily be the whole aspect of the product. It may only be one aspect that makes the product unique in the industry. If it were a tangible product, it could be durability or life span of the product that is longer than ...

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The expert describes how organization maintains or attempts to maintain competitive advantages. What improvements could be made is determined.

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