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Hiring Salespeople

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One manufacturer of dictating machines recruits only experienced people and does not recruit among graduating college students. A competitor recruits extensively among colleges in its search for salespeople. How do you account for the difference in sources used by firms selling essentially the same products?

A manufacturer of small aircraft, designed for executive transportation of large companies, has decided to implement the concept of a selling center. Which people in this company should be on the selling teams? What problems is this firm likely to encounter when it uses team selling?

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Case 1
The case at hand are two competing companies offering essentially the same products but applying different recruitment practices - one recruits only experienced people and does not recruit among graduating college students and the other depends so much on colleges in its search for salespeople.

The first company that hires only experienced sales people seems to give much importance to product knowledge in generating sales. The management believes that the experienced employees are familiar with the product and as such, they could easily motivate potential buyers to buy. It is also possible that the product features are complex in nature and that only experienced sales personnel can comfortably offer them to possible buyers. The experienced employees are possibly paid higher compensation and benefits but the management seems to believe that such expenses would be compensated by ...

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Hiring salespeople for a manufacturer is examined.

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