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    Ethical Questions about misleading Christmas Temporary Employees

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    Say that you work as a manager for the hypothetical Highbrow's, a rather prestigious department store. Each year, in order to handle the large number of shoppers at Christmas time, you must hire temporary employees. Because of store policy and budget constraints, all temporaries must be discharged on January 10. As you interview prospective employees, however, you give the impression that the store will hire at least two new fulltime retail salespeople for the coming year. You hope that this will serve to motivate the temporary workers and even foster some competition among them. You also instruct your permanent salespeople to reinforce the falsehood that good work during the Christmas season is the path to fulltime employment.

    Is this an ethical way to try to motivate your employees? Why not?
    What are the dangers of using a tactic such as this?

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    There are a couple of methods that could be used to motivate employees. First you could provide bonuses to those that do the best job. This could be based on a ...

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    The ethics about misleading Christmas temporary employees is examined. Ethics of motivating employees is analyzed.