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Reasonable Accommodation at the Workplace

1. You own a small construction business. One of your workers is 55 years old and had heart bypass surgery about six months ago. He wants to come back to work, but you are concerned that he will not be able to handle the job's physical tasks. What should you do? What are you prohibited from doing? What laws apply in this case?

2. Many companies in the U.S. have recently put an end to the practice of giving an annual employee Christmas party due to complaints by employees with non-Christian religious backgrounds or spiritual values who claimed the Christmas party was a discriminatory employment practice. These employees argued that the employer who celebrated by paying for an employee Christmas party favored Christianity over other religions and belief systems. Do you think non-Christian employees are treated illegally or unethically when the employer decides to give a Christmas party for all the employees? Why? What would be a reasonable accommodation that an employer could make to satisfy both the Christian and non-Christian employees?

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In a situation of this nature, I would allow the employee to come back to work, and to observe this employee to ensure that he can perform the job's physical tasks without undue accommodation. I would also observe, in order to ascertain as to whether or not this employee is performing the job in an acceptable manner, up to the the organization standards for performing a job of this nature. If it is found that this individual can perform this job up to standard, then there will be no further action needed in this ...