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    Developing a compensation schedule for a Data Specialist

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    I am taking a human resources class and need assistance in developing a five-year compensation schedule for a Data Entry Specialist.

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    5 - Year compensation schedule for a Data Entry Specialist.

    The Data Entry Specialist is one of the most important positions within a company. Why? This person is responsible for entering data that is important to the business operations, such as payment data, client data, order data, shipping data and practically all other business information input that pertains to the business as a whole.
    That being, this person must have the skills that are exceptional to avoid errors, as one mistyped keystroke could cost the company in the thousands. An example would be the Data Entry Specialist's entering of an order. The order amount is for 100 of Item 54387A @ $47.00 per item. If the specialist enters 100 of Item 54378A (notice the 7 and 8 are transposed from above) at $67.00 per item, the client will be receiving the wrong ...

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