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Changes in Workforce Impacting Jobs & Work

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What issues are changing in the workforce to cause jobs and work to change? Do you see these changes continuing? Why, or why not? Use specific examples to support your answer.

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There are multiple issues that are causing jobs and work to change including more unemployed people, due to a downturn in the economy, a larger amount of older people, and more educated females. During the past five years, the economy of the United States has experienced a financial crisis, which has impacted jobs throughout the country. According to the Washington Post, "12 million Americans are still looking for work" (Irwin, 2012). There are fewer jobs available for the middle class (Rhode, 2013). Part of the reason for this is the greater number of other options for getting work done. Robots, better technology, and increased productivity impacts changes in job and work. The workforce now includes not only ...

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This solution discusses what issues are changing in the workforce to cause jobs and work to change. It gives specific examples and explains if these trends should continue. Includes APA formatted references.