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    Challenges that Strategists Face Today

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    Discuss the three challenges that strategists face today:

    Deciding whether the process should be more an art or a science,
    deciding whether strategies should be visible or hidden from stakeholders, and
    deciding whether the process should be more top-down or bottom-up in their firm.

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    1. Deciding whether the process should be more an art or a science

    Process should be both a science and an art. Being scientific connotes accuracy and strictly meeting standards. Accuracy will lead to the least amount of errors possible. As applied to production, this would mean the lowest number of rejects possible. The effect would be minimal costs or expenditures.

    As an art, the skill of the strategist plays a very important role. He does not operate in a box or in a vacuum. He always applies creativity and innovativeness in the process that he implements.

    2. Deciding whether strategies should be ...

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