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    Public Service: Types of Technologies

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    Compare and contrast two types of technologies that public and nonprofit organizations are utilizing when dealing with the public.

    Discuss the main views of the "new public service." How do they differ from traditional models?

    Identify and briefly describe the top three skills needed to practice management in the public interest. Answers will vary, so please discuss the rationale for your choices.

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    Two Types of Technology:
    Public and nonprofit organizations are using social media for public relations and are using e-governance for delivery of service. The use of social media helps integrate public relations, and image building for public and nonprofit organizations. The technology helps public and nonprofit organizations track the results o an integrated social media campaign. This helps evaluate the efficacy of the campaign. For example, Google Analytics can be used. Social media has a higher circulation than traditional print publications. The content on social media gets a life of its own as its is searchable to those who want information on it. Also, the links lead back to the website of the public or nonprofit organization.

    The second technology used by public and nonprofit organizations is e-government or the use of ...

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