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    ethics, leadership, and reputation

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    Your high-level manager has instructed you to have your sales force impose an extra $3.00 - $5.00 "environmental fee" to their customers to help cover fees X is required to pay for the recycling and destroying of old equipment. Your customers have filed a class action suit claiming deceptive sales practices, saying the extra charges are false fees and no such regulatory fees exist. Your boss insists these are bogus claims brought on by a few disgruntled customers.

    What problems do you foresee in the areas of ethics, leadership, and reputation for X?

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    This is certainly an ethical issue because company is trying to cover its corporate social responsibility costs from customers. The CSR initiative towards recycling and destruction of old equipment for environmental protection should not be funded via customers. Instead, company ...

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    The solution discusses what are some foreseeable problems in the areas of ethics, leadership, and reputation for X.