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    Workplace Effectiveness with an Employee Assistance Program

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    Details: Review the definition of an Employee Assistance Program and learn the scope of services that can be offered. From your own experiences in the workplace, from your family's or friend's involvement, cite 2 examples where an EAP was used or where it could have been used to help the situation. Research and select 2 instances of workplace violence and outline what an EAP could have done to prevent the situation had it been used before the event occurred.

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    An employee assistance programme can be defined as a company sponsored plan introduced to help the employees deal with their personal problems. The company want to solve the personal problems because it affected employee productivity of the company.

    Personal problems dealt in the employee assistance programme include alcoholism, depression, marital difficulties and other psychological problems. Here the counselor under an employee assistance programmer is not a company employee but is an independent specialist who provides employee assistance programme services to many organizations.

    Now the total EAP responsibility also lies on to the manager. The manager ...

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    Workplace effectiveness with an employee assistance program is examined.