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    Various Methods Used to Evaluate Employee Performance

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    Identify various methods that can be used to evaluate employee performance. You can include a discussion of ways in which you have been evaluated at work. Include some comments on whether or not you believe the performance evaluation methods you identified are effective and/or fair.

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    Sales employees may be evaluated based upon the sales they generate. This is ultimately what is important for a sales rep so it is a valuable measurement, however, it may not take into account changes in economy, product price compared to competitors, out of stock situations, or legislative changes. Each of these factors is out of the sales representative's control.

    Sales employees can also be evaluated on their sales compared to last year (again, considering changes in the above as well as possible sales promotions which might skew results). Reps with plus sales would be rewarded; those that are flat or down would need ...

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    This solution identifies various methods that can be used to evaluate employee performance. It includes examples, and discusses if the performance evaluation methods are effective and fair.