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    Training and Development: Improving employee orientation

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    Have you ever gone through an employee orientation? How did the experience meet the goals (i.e., reduce anxiety, reduce turnover, save time, develop realistic expectations) of orientation?

    Offer two (2) suggestions for improvement of the program

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    In my first job, I went through employee orientation. I was still doing my bachelor of science, and I was hired to work in a research lab, in a company that does clinical trials with prescription drugs. I have never worked in a lab before, and I was very nervous. Not to mention, I knew what type of industry it was, and I knew the rules and regulations were really strict.

    My first week I was in orientation. I was so nervous when I walked in the building that I arrived 30 min early. I was hoping to learn a lot and be comfortable at my new job.

    The first day was an entire day of learning. We learned about the clinical process, the background info, laws... It was very informative, however, I still felt lost in ...

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