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Public Relations: Awareness, Activities, and Issues

All questions response MUST include your SPECIFIC reference in APA format for each question. Please do not just post the text citation but tell me the page and paragraph or other source. All questions must have a reference or citation and please provide page and paragraph or other source

1. A public relations is used to create awareness of an organization using unbiased, objective third-party endorsement to relay information about the organization's products and practices. How then can you distinguish public relations from advertising and marketing in general?

2. Provide one example of a company that is pursuing traditional public relations activities. Provide one example of a company that is implementing public relations in a new and broader role.

3. What are some of the unique issues that confront public relations in the 21st century? What may be the primary areas of opportunity for public relations professionals in the years ahead? Be specific in your answer.

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1. Advertising is generally paid according to the commercial space utilized by the company. It could be putting advertisement in newspaper, radio, television or internet. In contrast editorial coverage generated by public relations is not paid for by the company that generates the news release. Public relations are not paid for as advertising but media utilizes the news if it is newsworthy. In advertising there is full control of company over the content. In case of public relations the media outlet under the target is under no obligation to run the story in any form (Rose, 2008). If there is any bad news, it could be as well covered in media and affect the image of the organization in a negative way.
Rose, Sheldon. (August, 2008). Guide to ...

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