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    PERT network

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    How can a PERT network be used to increase functional ability to relate to the total program?

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    The following information will assist in your understanding how a PERT network works and how it increases functional ability in relation to the total program. Limitations, strengths and weaknesses are all discussed in a manner that is from start to finish.

    "Steps in the PERT Planning Process

    PERT planning involves the following steps:
    1. Identify the specific activities and milestones.
    2. Determine the proper sequence of the activities.
    3. Construct a network diagram.
    4. Estimate the time required for each activity.
    5. Determine the critical path.
    6. Update the PERT chart as the project progresses.

    1. Identify Activities and Milestones
    The activities are the tasks required to complete the project. The milestones are the events marking the beginning and end of one or more activities. It is helpful to list the tasks in a table that in later steps can be expanded to include information on sequence and duration.

    2. Determine Activity Sequence
    This step may be combined with the activity identification step since the activity sequence is evident for some tasks. Other tasks may require more analysis to determine the exact order in which they must be performed.

    3. Construct the Network Diagram
    Using the activity sequence information, a network diagram can be drawn showing the sequence of the serial and parallel activities. For the original activity-on-arc model, the activities are depicted by arrowed lines and milestones are depicted by circles or "bubbles".

    If done manually, several drafts may be required to correctly portray the relationships among activities. Software packages simplify this step by automatically converting tabular activity information into a network diagram.

    4. Estimate Activity Times
    Weeks are a commonly used unit of time for activity completion, but any ...

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