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    Media Theoretical Framework

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    800 words develop and discuss the beginnings of your own such theoretical framework, including answers to the following questions:
    •What approaches or lenses do you bring to thinking about and evaluating media?
    •Which approaches or lenses do you think you should call into question?
    •Which theoretical/historical perspectives mentioned in the textbooks or elsewhere do you find the most worth cultivating? Why?
    •Which do you find the least worth cultivating? Why?

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    •What approaches or lenses do you bring to thinking about and evaluating media?

    The approaches I bring in thinking about the evaluation of media are worth mentioning. I believe that a person should look at everything critically by asking questions because not everything is as they appear. The television, movies, and everything someone sees with their own eyes is deceiving. This is why I choose to look at it from a different angle by researching to find out what is true and finding multiple sources to back up the truth of the matter, so that I can make a decision from there on whether or not to report it to the public through the radio.

    I have always had a sense that something was not right with what was portrayed on mainstream media, so I have done extensive research on what is really going on in the world, which is why I go this route. Yes, this is not a very popular route to go, but at least people know the real truth through the alternative media rather than having an individual hear lies, so that he or she falls for another false flag coined up by the government or some demonic force that is behind all of it, which is critical to understand no matter what age.

    •Which ...

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