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Article review: Evaluate arguments of organizational mistakes in managing brands

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Evaluate the arguments presented by the authors in regards to the mistakes that many organisations make in managing their brands. Interpret the theoretical framework developed in the article for effectively managing brands. Explain you answer.

Article is / Berthon, P., Holbrook, M. B., & Hulbert, J. M. (2003) â??Understanding and managing the brand spaceâ??, MIT Sloan Management Review, 44 (2), pp. 49-54.


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Article Evaluation on Managing Brand

Evaluation of Arguments

In the article, authors argue that in recent era, most of the company made some costly mistake in managing their brand value. This argument is based on the concepts of brand like brand management tactics (Berthon, Holbrook & Hulbert, 2003). Authors state that organizations divided their brands in different products categories that damaged the parent brands. It is also discussed that today, most of the companies adopt the concept of globalization. It is argued by the authors in the article that this not only influence the relationship with the customers, but also with the employees, investment companies, media, suppliers, governments and with the competitors.

Additionally, it is also discussed by authors that companies not only build the brand value with the dialogue between buyer and seller, but also use the negotiation strategies. It can be interpreted from these aspects that relationship with all stakeholders is also influenced by brand management practices. Authors state that this helps the company to build the brand value in the market. It can be interpreted that this argument is right, as brand ...

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