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    McDonald's, mission, opportunities

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    Using McDonald's Corporation, what are the major threats to the company's ability to serve its stakeholders and make its mission a reality?

    What are the major opportunities available to improve the company's ability to meet the need and make the vision come about?

    Write a response on this issue and try to think creatively. I am more interested in you really thinking this through than I am with research and facts. You do not need to disclose any private information. But it should be fun to "play boss" for the moment and analyze what the major external threats and outside opportunities are at play.

    The McDonald's Annual Report should be referenced.


    You paper will be evaluated on how accurately you identify the threats and opportunities facing your company. Critical thinking is essential. Pay attention to how well you organize and support your analysis with evidence. Be sure to document any facts by citing the sources of that information with in-text citations (or footnotes) and a reference list. Papers should include an introduction and conclusion.

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    What are the major threats to the company's ability to serve its stakeholders and make its mission a reality?

    The Major threats to the company's ability to serve its stakeholders and making its mission a reality are as follows. The company is McDonald's and the vision of McDonald's is to "be our customer's favorite place and way to eat". The major threat that McDonald's faces is the opposition from health groups. These groups claim that McDonald's targets children with products that lead to unhealthy eating habits and has directly led to the epidemic of obesity. There have been several cases against McDonald's that claim that McDonald's has led to unhealthy eating habits. Further, McDonald's faces threats from activists that claim that McDonald's uses addictive additives. These lead to further unhealthy eating habits and more obesity. McDonald's is also threatened when it is attacked by contaminated food supply, namely e-coli.

    One of the most important threat that McDonald's is global economic recession. This adversely affects the sales of McDonald's worldwide. Further, in several countries McDonald's faces the threat currency rate fluctuation. This can lead to losses for the company. Further, one of the important inputs for McDonald's worldwide is labor costs. Currently, labor costs all over the world are rising and this is a threat to McDonald's. There are anti-US company demonstrations in several ...

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