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    Handling competitive situations in the workplace

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    How do you handle competition in the work place? Based on our free society and the level of quality of living that a person would like to achieve, how do you approach work place competition when it is "good" "friendly" competition and when it is "not good" and almost "evil" competition? Provide some tips on how to handle each competitive situation.

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    Competition within the workplace can instil motivation, teamwork and produce the organizational results desired. "Good" competition is generally a result of some type of achievement where either individual employees and/or teams have a "level playing field" and can actually attain the goal. This type of competition typically lends itself to support and encouragement amongst employees. Typically, there are ample opportunities for more than one person to succeed. In ...

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    Competition can increase motivation in the workplace, creating an environment where employees engage in a friendly game to attain a goal. However, some people react to such competition in a negative manner, viewing it as a game to be won at any cost. This solution is about 300 words and provides tips for managing both good and bad competition in the workplace.