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Food and Beverage Management

1. Speaking of technology, we had the board of health in today and he was using a hand held pda to write up his report. To print the report he had a small printer with him. I have also seen servers using a similar device to not only take orders but have the ability to show the customer the recipe and ingredients.

Do you think technology will eventually replace waitstaff?

2. You have identified one of the most important trends that has impacted F&B operations in one way or the other. For example; lets look at the collegiate dining program at Harvard University . On this site students can find everything they need from menus to how to add money on their id card.

How important is it for an F&B operation to have a web-site?

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I do not believe that technology will eventually be able to replace waitstaff. Although there have been many technological advances that have made it much easier for individuals to order food without human assistance, and this technology has also made it much easier for waiters to assimilate a great deal of information in a very short period of time. The technological advances are very convenient, but these advances cannot replace the human element that waitstaff brings to the ...

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Food and beverage management are examined. F&B operations to have a web-site are determined.