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    Employee Orientation

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    Assist with creating a report for the supervisors of an organization in which you outline the role that new supervisors will play in selecting, orienting, training, and integrating new employees in the organization. Include specific activities, programs, and processes required by supervisors to utilize in the socialization process of these new employees. Define the duties and responsibilities of the supervisor relative to coaching and mentoring new employees.

    Length: 5-7 pages

    Use current APA formatting

    References: Support your conclusions with references from a minimum of five (5) journal articles or publications.

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    The supervisor plays an important role in the new employee hiring process. During the selecting of employee, the supervisor must specify the mental and physical tasks that the employee will perform. Further, he must describe how the job is done. In addition, he must clarify why the position exists and the importance of that position. The supervisor should suggest the qualifications needed for the position. The specifications given by the supervisor is very important during this phase. It helps recruit the right applicant for the vacancy (1). The supervisor must describe the skills and competencies that are needed to perform the role, he must clarify where the job fits within the overall company hierarchy. This information given by the supervisor forms the backbone of information based on which recruitment and selection is done. The specifications given by the supervisor forms the basis of employment contract and also helps manage performance of employees. In most cases the supervisor forms a part of the panel that interviews the applicants and the evaluation of the supervisor is given importance. In this context the supervisor must give higher preferences to applicants who most closely match the requirements of the job.

    Supervisors have an important role to play in orienting new employees. Before their employee begins employment a welcome letter should be sent stating the date of joining and a reprint of employee policies and procedures. When the employee arrives, the supervisor should meet with him and give him a copy of the job description and performance goals (2). This clarifies to the new employee the duties and responsibilities and the performance level expected of the employee. The supervisor should make preparations for the new employees. When they arrive he must give them their keys, get them sign benefit and tax forms, explain the time recording system, and give them copies of important documents, the last year's final report, the strategic plan, and employee manual. The supervisor should show them the facilities including the layout of offices, restrooms, storage areas, kitchen, copy and e-mail system, and computer use procedures. The telephone system should be explained to the employee ...

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