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Employee Evaluation Process

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Discuss the employee evaluation process as it exists within your organization or one that you are familiar with. Is there ample opportunity for the employee to provide feedback? Are the expectations of the employee made clear on day one of his/her employment? Discuss the changes that you would make in this process and how these changes could lead to improved morale within the organization.

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I have just begun working with an organization where this question is applicable.

The evaluation process is done on a yearly basis, and the employees have no idea what is in it or what they are evaluated on. The job and description of the job are presented on the first day and expectations are gone over. After that, the employees are corrected by several people, often with different points of view and with different expectations. Evaluating the tone of voice, the level of enthusiasm, how the person answers a phone, the actually duties have become confusing.

The employees have limited opportunities for feedback and ...

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The expert examines employee evaluation processes.

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