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    Performance Evaluation Tools - Advantages & Disadvantages

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    There are advantages and disadvantages with evaluation tools, depending upon what is being measured and how the tools are implemented. Sometimes, the weakness in a performance evaluation process can be remedied by selecting a more suitable tool, to address the criteria being measured. However, even the most appropriate tool will render less-than-best results, if not properly utilized. Based on experience, what is the most serious weakness in the performance review process? How can it be changed?

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    There are several weaknesses in the performance review process but those weaknesses are dependent upon the organization, the manager performing the performance review, and the employee being reviewed. The performance review process should be uniform within an organization so that everyone is graded on the same criteria. A standard process would allow every employee to be selected for raises and promotions fairly and equally. Based on my experience I think that the most serious weakness is that not all ...

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