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    Health care turnover, burn out and prevention

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    Health care often experiences professional shortages (nurses), high turnover, high rates of job burnout/job stress, and turnover intention given the high stress, high demand nature of the business.

    All employees are evaluated (annually, most commonly) based on their performance in context to their job description. For a specific organization of your choice (selected from library/Internet sources, your readings and/or personal experience) discuss the performance evaluation process currently in place and suggest recommendations for improvement with rationale based on your evaluation that would decrease turnover.
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    First, having done payroll for nearly 20 years, and human resources for the past 4 years, I can tell you that not all employees are evaluated. Regardless of my protests and recommendations, my current employer does not have any form of formal evaluation. Of course, any formal evaluation would be an improvement for this company.

    The organization I have personally worked for that had the best evaluation process was in the hi-tech industry. The annual evaluation process was termed "Ranking and Rating". The process required each employee to write their own evaluation based on a standard form. They would evaluate each area of their own job and provide a brief explanation as to the reasoning behind each ranking. Employees were also asked to evaluate at least one of their peers using the ...

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    This solution provides a personal reflection of employee evaluation from a non-medical viewpoint. There are also three references that discuss motivation and empowerment of staff.