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Effective communications to the external publics

Why is it important to inform the external publics of significant events within the organization? What is your organization's relationship with the local, regional, national, and global media? What are some tools/techniques used to inform, influence, and motivate external publics? What are the ramifications of ineffective communications to the external publics?

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//In today's dynamic environment, it is very important to lay emphasis on the stakeholders for the successful establishment of any organization. Therefore, here I am focusing on the importance of external publics of any organization. Before moving further, let's understand the concept of organization, which is mentioned below: //

An organization is a group of people who work together in order to accomplish a common purpose. It is important to inform the external public about significant events within the organization for its growth and diversification. To expand its activities an organization requires a proper organizational structure which takes care of different types of ...

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