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    Discussion on promotion

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    Read the following scenario and answer the corresponding questions upon your completion.

    Lobos International Scenario:
    Over the past few years, you and Cindy have been on the fast track at Lobos International, a multinational company providing Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) solutions to companies operating in the Pacific Rim. You were just informed that you have been promoted as Senior VP of Global Affairs, a position that, for the foreseeable future, has Cindy reporting directly to you. You received a text message from a colleague congratulating you on the promotion, but she also alerted you that Cindy and several of her team members were upset and resentful that she failed to receive the position. She had, after all, been with Lobos a couple years longer than you.
    The first project on the table requires you to increase the number of clients in the region by 10% over the next 12 months. To do that, you will need Cindy's help because she heads the sales and marketing team. Given that you are new to this position, it is imperative that you demonstrate your ability to lead, regardless of personality differences.

    Please provide a response to the following questions:
     Please discuss how you will approach Cindy to ensure she is on board with the project objectives?
     How will you get the team to the performing stage (stages forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning)?
     How will you manage the potential conflict?
     How will you handle the situation in which some of Cindy's team members are sabotaging the success of the project?
     If Cindy steps up to the plate and performs admirably, will you seek for her to be promoted? Explain.

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    A promotion at work is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate leadership and strength with management, subordinates, and peers. It is important to demonstrate leadership particularly during a promotion, and one of the main ways to handle that is to demonstrate leadership in the new position by one fulfilling the task assigned in the new job description and the objectives of your managers. Your new department will seek your new leadership and this can be achieved with the people that are around you, hence influencing peers positively is critical to new success, and that is why this analysis is so interesting, because it discusses Cindy who may be the closest in terms of growth-potential of all your peers (Bortz, D., 2015).
    The whole team needs to recognize your new role, and peers need to understand the situation you presented to them in your new role. Cindy was a potential candidate for promotion there are techniques for dealing with her, and one of those techniques is to meet the situation head-on - instead of allowing resentment to build up or gossip to fester. Cindy could potentially undermine the position, and by meeting the situation head-on by quickly setting up a meeting with her, and letting that you are both assets to the company will be critical. This could even be mentioned on the phone call to set up the meeting, and it is recommended that face-to-face, or phone calls at the least should be utilized. Tones in emails and text messages can be misinterpreted (Bortz, D., 2015).
    In the meeting, it needs to be clear that the company's needs come first before internal competition. As long as the meeting and future meetings are company-centric, the promotion can be discussed in a goal oriented manner. Obviously Cindy was vying for the position, but the company felt that she was not suited for the role at the time, however that does not mean that she is not valuable to the company in other areas (Bortz, D., 2015).
    Please discuss how you will approach Cindy to ensure she is on board with the project objectives?
    In order to approach Cindy is to ultimately inform her that results are critical in the future for the company. It is without question, that the meeting should be as professionally as possible, and to avoid any potential unprofessionalism, it is key to have ...

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