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Cause and Effect Diagram

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Construct a cause-and-effect diagram for bad coffee from a 22-cup coffee maker used in the office.

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The solution provides a cause and effect diagram example.

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Cause & Effect Diagrams Situations

Problem: Determine a situation in which you could develop a Cause and Effect (C-E) Diagram to help analyze a quality issue at starbucks

Assignment Expectations: It is not necessary to develop the diagram. You need to understand the situation and identify the quality issue and the reason that a C-E diagram would be useful. Do the four main Causes seem appropriate for this situation or are there other main causes that should be considered? Determine who should be involved and how you would develop the chart.

In a two page Solution :

Describe the quality issue: what is the problem and what are you attempting to do with the C-E diagram.
Discuss who should be involved and how you would develop the chart.
Discuss what your next steps would be.

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