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    Case Study: Selecting Patient Escorts

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    1. Critique each of the alternative approaches suggested for solving the problem of selecting patient escorts.
    2. Recommend a procedure for recruiting and hiring patient escorts.
    3. Besides improving its selection procedures, what other actions could the hospital potentially take to improve the behavior of the patient escorts?

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    1. One alternative approach for solving the problem of selecting patient escorts suggested includes asking the applicant to list hobbies, outside activities, and personal likes and dislikes. These facts cannot help a selector decide if a person will be rude, insulting or careless with patients. Further, three letters of recommendation if written objectively will not reflect if the applicant is friendly or polite at all times. On the other hand, if the applicant asks the recommender to include such information, then such comments carry little weight. Another alternative is that four or five stress producing questions be asked to the applicant and ...

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