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    Cancer History & Sleep Related Variables in Cancer Survivors

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    Topic: Associations between Cancer History and Sleep Related Variables in Long-term Cancer Survivors

    Need argumentative stance for the topic.


    In preparation for the Research Paper Associations between Cancer History and Sleep Related Variables in Long-term Cancer Survivor, you will need to submit a proposal of your intended research project. Please provide the following information and review the example in Doc Sharing (posted under Course Handouts) submitting.

    (1) Your specific topic.
    (2) A brief abstract. Explain what you specifically will argue. State this in third person only. You should have an easily identifiable thesis and three support elements in the abstract.
    (3) A thesis and three possible support elements to the problem that can be explored through research.
    (4) Location and Types of resources
    (5) Challenges to the research.

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    Cancer History, Sleep - Related Variables, and Long-term Survival of Cancer Patients

    One of the most threatening diseases now- a - days is cancer of various types. This disease has been the fear of many because it not only affects the patient himself/herself but most importantly the patient's family and other loved ones. Many careers have been put to an end, many couples and children have been separated, many families have been left out of nowhere because of the occurrence of such a disease in the family.
    Some studies have been made regarding the possibility that cancer patients could have had a history of such a disease among the family members, even from several generations back. Basically, this would mean that genes could be a factor. This is a significant area that will be covered in this study.
    Once a person was found to have acquired such a disease, the only recourse is to possibly lengthen or stretch the ...

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    The solution discusses the associations between cancer history and sleep related variables in long-term cancer survivors.