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    Activities occurring on a daily basis

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    Select an activity you do on a regular basis (e.g., cooking a meal, cleaning the house, doing homework, etc.) and discuss how you could apply statistical quality control to improve the quality of the output of the activity you choose. Provide specific examples to support your rationale.

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    I am often too tired when coming home from work, to cook a full meal. Worse, I sometimes cook too much food for the number of people I am serving. Statistical quality control, applying statistics to reduce waste and save time, would be a good idea.

    For example, I cook using fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. I only occasionally make things containing pasta. However, many of the recipes I use are similar in the ways that the various fruits and vegetables are cooked. Since I am a single person, sometimes a whole apple, a cup of broccoli, or more than a slice of tomato is too ...

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