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The questions around man-made climate change

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Go to the following links and review some of the arguments of those who believe that global warming is a hoax.


Here's something to contemplate as your research, review, and coordinate your thoughts for your writing assignment. It may be nearly impossible to refute global warming - that is, there does seem to be data that suggests that the earth is indeed warming, but where the argument lies is whether or not this is induced by man's activities, or whether it is a normal phenomenon or cyclic phase the earth is currently in (and will undergo again thousands of years from now).

Now that you have viewed some videos, collected some information from the internet and read you book, use these sources and others that you find to write a short paper to explain the "scientific" basis for EACH side of the debate.

REMEMBER: I'm not asking your opinion on the topic. I want you to give me the scientific evidence that supports the theory that human activities have caused global warming. On the flip side, I want you to give me the scientific evidence that refutes man's influence on the current climate change. There's no question that the Earth is in a warming trend - the question is man's role in it.

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The reality that our planet is warming has been acknowledged by all scientists whereas the onus of proving that it is man-made has been placated upon those who support this ideology. Those who believe that this climate change is human induced argue that the most important and factual evidence to support this assertion is that a direct correlation exists between the amount of carbon dioxide currently within our atmosphere and the highest global average temperatures in the ...

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This response addresses the issue of climate change while discussing the point of view of those who argue it is a result of human activity and alternatively that is is a naturally occurring phenomenon.