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    Overcoming Resistance at Hospital

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    Compose a description of how you would implement each of the three best approaches at the hospital. Create a distinct, 100- to 200-word plan for each approach. Identify in each of the three plans if you would use one or more of the following four approaches to managing organizational change:

    1. Lewin's Three-Step Model
    2. Kotter's Eight-Step Plan for Implementing Change
    3. Action Research
    4. Organizational Development

    Be sure to include your rationale for why you selected the approaches you did, and why you think they will work

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    STEP 1
    First approach at the hospital:
    Changing the structure so that teams were formed can be implemented by using Lewin's three step model. The approach is unfreeze-move-refreeze. In this case the hospital employees would be informed of the changes that are required to improve the functioning at hospital. The unfreezing stage would be communicating with the employees and the management that it was important to change the structure of the hospital to improve its functioning. The middle management managers have to given reasons why they have to join work teams. The second stage would be the moving stage, that is the teams actually have to be formed. The composition of the work teams at the hospital is important, Each team must be allotted one or more employees that have currently been doing 'management' work. In the team he would have to take up different duties as required and that could ...

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