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    PowerPoint Presentation about future Inventions

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    Slide 1: Description of the new product
    Slide 2: Description of the importance of R&D to include lead users and market research
     Slide 3: Discussion of appropriate structure and culture necessary to support innovative ideas and products
     Slide 4: Exploration of future inventions inspired by the product
     Slide 5: Analysis of future innovations of this product (Was this a successful invention leading to innovation?)
    Slide 6: ROI, shareholder value, economic value added analysis, or a SWOT, on innovation
     Slide 7: ROI, shareholder value, economic value added analysis or a SWOT, on invention
     Slide 8: Brief description of the benchmarking process as applied to this company (What problems with
    performance measuring can be encountered?)
     Slide: 9 Prediction of product demand in five years
     Slide 10: Conclusion
     Slide 11: List of sources using APA guidelines

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    Slide 1: Description of the new product

    The new product evolved from a practical need that all college students have, which is to maintain the highest levels of energy possible for their semester courses. Under this tutelage, two young college students established a new product called "coffee bars", which are energy bars that contain a full serving of coffee that is the equivalent of a cup of coffee as well as entirely organic and natural ingredients that are of high quality. The product itself represents a part of a trend known as energy-boosting foods that are focused upon providing a better snacking option for consumers who want to improve their energy levels without having to eat unhealthy snacks. To accomplish this goal, the students had to develop snacks that would appeal to their target demographic, which are primarily college students, and they were able to utilize the lead-users approach to ensure that they were ahead of the marketing curve.

    Slide 2: Description of the importance of R&D to include lead users and market research

    The use of lead users is a technique that most companies have yet to capitalize upon, but because this business was a "start-up" company, the college students who started the business were able to successfully incorporate this technique into their research and design. By conversing with their fellow college students to determine the areas where their snacks failed to reach their "desired" energy components, the students were able to identify ingredients that students wanted in their energy bar so that consumers' energy needs would be satisfied.

    The students began distributing their initial offerings to friends in their dorms as well as during study sessions to see if their products were adhering to the needs that had been highlighted by the students. In addition, the students decided to enter a contest that gave young entrepreneurs such as themselves the opportunity to further gain exposure and ...

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