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Employment Law and Religious Officers

A devoutly religious office coordinator used the phrase "Have a Blessed Day" in many of her workplace communications (conversations, e-mails, and phone calls) with co-workers, managers, and customers/vendors. Employees at one of her company's largest customers, Microsoft, objected to the practice. The company modified its policy by allowing the employee to use this phrase in internal communications but not in contacts with outside customers/vendors. The employee found this arrangement unacceptable and sued. (Look up Anderson v. U.S.F. Logistics, 2001 U.S. App. LEXIS 26566) Explain the kind of relief that was sought. Did she get it? Why, or why not?

Your response should be at least 300 words in length.

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Anderson v. U.S.F. Logistics, 2001 is a labor law case regarding religion, and religious rights in the workplace. The response includes the required information regarding questions about the case, in text citations, and references.