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    Law - Unemployment Compensation

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    Other retail businesses in the mall in which your sports shoes shop is located have decided to open on Sundays from 12 noon to 6 P.M. You decide to follow suit, but two of your employees refuse to go along, saying it is against their religious beliefs to work on the Sabbath. You terminate their employment. They apply for unemployment compensation, and contend their unemployed status is your fault. If the state grants them benefits, you will be penalized since your unemployment compensation taxes will go up.

    Should you contest their claim?

    What would be the result if the employees refuse to work on Sunday because of their desire to play golf on that day?

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    No, you shouldn't contest it for two reasons. First of all, it was illegal for you to terminate employment in the first place since it was due to religion, and under Federal law, you ...

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    The expert examines unemployment compensation in the law. The result if employees refuse to work on Sunday is determined. The grant benefits are determined.