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Employment Law News Article

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Do an internet search and find a recent developing employment or labor law related news story that relates to a topic on your Course Syllabus for this class. The story can be national or local. You may not choose the same story as another student (so make sure you read other posts before selecting yours).

Once you have found your story, explain the following in your post:

1.The brief facts of the story.

2.What interests you about the story?

3.What you believe to be the "moral to the story" or what you learned by reading it.

4.Where you found the story. Include reference citations so your classmates can find the story.

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Claiming unemployment is the right of those who have been laid off by their employers and have worked an established number of hours that may differ per state however, it is a law that employers must abide by should a former employee file to receive the benefit. It does not mean that the employee will automatically receive it but, the processes must be followed properly by all parties to ensure that laws are adhered to.

1.The brief facts of the story.

The story I chose focuses the number occurrences of unemployment filings in the month of June in the U.S. compared to 2012 during the same time period. For the week ending on June 15, 2013, the number of initial claims for unemployment compensation rose to 354,000 from the previous week which was around 336,000 claims. However, the overall numbers of ...

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A discussion regarding an example of an employment law news article featuring the specific example of claiming unemployment. The discussion includes the facts about the article, what was interesting to the writer, the "moral of the story", and the location of the article (where it was found). 484 words, 1 reference.

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Focus on a current political issue relating to immigration. Possible media pieces include an article, a video or audio clip, a television show, a book, a documentary, or a movie.

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What is the historical framework of this issue?

Immigration, both legal and illegal, has been a fact of life in America for most of her history. Since this story is about New Mexico illegal immigration, it is helpful to consider the role of Hispanic illegal immigration. In 1882 the first big wave of illegal immigration from Mexico occurred. The United States was in the process of building thousands of miles of railroad lines across the nation and needed affordable labor. A railroad connecting Mexico and America was planned and thousands of Mexican workers came across the border illegally to begin working on it. In 1910 the Mexican Revolution caused thousands of more immigrants to cross the border illegally. From 1929 to the beginning of World War II in the early 40's, illegal immigration decreased as the United States began forcibly extraditing illegal immigrants and the Great Depression caused a massive shortage of jobs. However, at the beginning of World War II illegal immigration boomed due to a shortage of manpower as American men went off to war. Attempts were made in the 60's, 70's and 80's to send back illegal immigrants but the tide was overwhelming. Since World War II, illegal immigration has been a constant domestic and international policy headache as civil rights groups fight against conservative groups over this issue. (Head, n.d.)

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