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The Capacity Factors In Enlistment Contracts

What is your opinion:

Do high school students lack capacity to enter into enlistment contracts?

Side Note: Here's an interesting post from my learner, James Ferrang, last quarter:

4/6/20xx 9:59:26 PM

Ma'am, yes, they lack the capacity (not an adult) to enter into enlistments. They used to allow minors (under 18) to enter with parental consent (my son 5 years ago) however, new rules have been adopted and no longer allow minors to enlist. Also, you must have a "high school diploma" exceptions. They used to allow GED graduates, but the Marines and the Air Force no longer allow them. Not sure if the Army or Navy allow the GED.

I took my neighbor to check for his son to enlist in the military in February and could not because of no high school diploma. We also learned of the age requirement.

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I do not believe that high school students under the age of 18 have the capacity to enter into enlistment contracts, due to the fact that these individuals are usually immature and naive in respect to ...

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