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Aligning Business IT & Operations

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Answer the following questions:

1. What are some different tactics to align business and IT?
2. In what situations would each tactic be used? Use specific examples.
3. How can an organization help to effectively communicate between the business and IT?

Write a paper using APA format for references.

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In order to align business and IT, it is necessary to unite the operations with a unified goal and purpose. The strategy of the organization must be clear to the IT department. Too often there is ignorance or a lack of awareness towards each department's range of knowledge, which leads to distrust and deprecation. Initially, operations and IT can begin be making sure the mission, goals, and objectives are clear to the management and employees within the IT department. Often it appears to those involved that the organization lacks clear focus. By selling the IT department on the program and clarifying the direction of the company it will be easier to get their support. Developing a mutual understanding and respect will help propel the goals further. The operational side of the business needs the IT side to understand the overall strategy, but at the same time, there needs to be respect and understanding for the IT department's talents. In addition, departmental constraints must be evaluated and considered.

Establishing trust is a huge factor in aligning business and IT. In order to do this, operations and overall direction should be made transparent. This helps to build trust and encourage communication. Furthermore, communication should be encouraged. Frequently, each department is sequestered, unable to interact with others in the organization. Interaction ...

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This solution outlines different tactics to align business and IT. It includes situations in which each tactic would be used, with examples, and describes how an organization can help to effectively communicate between the business and IT. APA references are included.

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