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    Aligning IT and Operations in an Organization

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    What needs to be done to successfully align business and IT in your organization? If you don't know or are unemployed, conduct some independent research regarding this topic for an organization of your choice.

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    In order to successfully align operations and IT in my organization, it would be important to communicate the company's strategy to the IT department. This seems almost crazy, but for the most part the IT department has hired employees who understand information technology and have little or no interest in the food or grocery business. Initially, I would begin by showing a slide show of the entire operation and highlight the different tasks and functions each department performs at the company. I would then have the executive team lay out the company's mission, goals, strategy and vision.

    Next, I would explain to the IT department that they are the lynchpin in bringing these different facets together and developing metrics that accurately monitor performance. By educating the IT department about the company's ...

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    This solution discusses how to successfully align operations and IT in an organization, using a grocery company as an example. Examples are used and four APA references are included. This solution is 407 words.