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    McDonalds vs Stella Liebeck - Ethical Norms

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    What ethical norms were fundamental to the jury's decision for McDonald vs. Stella Liebeck?

    (Demonstrates solid understanding of the concept of ethical norms and identifies the most important norms and clearly explains.)

    I am not sure if there are certain names or concepts under ethical norms. I searched it around, but I couldn't find any. My opinion should be about 1 - 1 1/2 page double space

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    The ethical norms of McDonalds vs Stella Liebeck should have been for both sides of the suit. In the case of the McDonalds the suit and ethical norms were about customers expectations of service and issues of safety. For Stella the common sense and care or safety issues were at risk.
    Ethical norms are those ethics that are expected to be honored and followed by business and people in the course of business. People have a right to expect certain things will occur and certain steps will be taken, methods will be followed when dealing with a business. In this case, though there were some common sense issues for the customer, the jury was more concerned about ...

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    A discussion on the ethical norms involved in the case of McDonalds vs Stella Liebeck.