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    Legal and Ethical Basis of Union Shop

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    Unions state that individuals should be free to join, yet then argue that those organizations represented by a union should enforce the agency shop. Illustrate why this is not a contradictory practice and is consistent with U.S. legal principles.

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    An agency shop is a workplace where even if workers do not join the union, they must still pay the equivalent of dues to the union. In collective bargaining agreements with an agency shop provision, nonmembers of a union are required to pay the membership fee or a representation fee for contract negotiations, administration, and grievance processing. Payment of the membership or representation fees often becomes a condition of employment and those who refuse to pay are subject to discharge. (http://definitions.uslegal.com/a/agency-shop/)

    Union shop means ...

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    This solution discusses the rationale of union shop in the organization. This is a critical issue faced based union leaders and members when dealing with union dues for non-members. This solution lists some legal basis of union shop.