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    Ethical Theories: Example Questions

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    Ethical Theories

    Prepare a two pages paper, Detailing the ethical theories and their foundations utilizing a scholarly article about ethics and describe, in detail, and give an example of one ethical theory.

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    Ethics is the main branch of philosophy, embracing right behavior and good spirit. It is wider than the mutual concept of examining right and wrong (Hinman, 1999). A fundamental view of ethics is "the good life", the life worth for survival or life that is merely not gratifying, which is adjudged by many philosophers to be more crucial than moral behavior (Ethics in the virtual world, 2007).

    The discipline of ethics, also known as moral philosophy, implies systemizing, guarding, and advocating constructs of right and wrong conduct (Singer, 2000). Scholars nowadays normally separate ethical hypotheses into three universal study areas: Meta ethics, prescriptive ethics, and applied ethics. Ethics is formulated during life, based on a broad variety of factors (Velasquez, Andre, Shanks & Meyer, 2008).

    Ethical Theories

    The Ethics in both the society and corporate is highly desirable. There are mainly five theories of ethics that are based different foundations. These theories are Deontology, Utilitarianism, Rights, Casuist and Virtue.
    Deontology: The foundation of this theory is based on the adherence of people regarding the duties and obligation to do a particular work (Rainbow, n.d.). This means the person should follow his obligation to ...

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