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Ethical Duties of Businesses

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Do businesses have any direct ethical duties to living beings other than humans? Support your answer with at least three reasons to justify your position.

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I think that businesses have direct ethical duties to living beings other than humans, due to the fact that wildlife and other nonhuman living beings have an equal right to enjoy the environment and ecosystem, which means that businesses do ...

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Duty and Ethics: Enron

Discuss how the Enron case informs our understanding of what it means for companies to be "socially responsible."

1.In the context of CSR, in what ways did Enron demonstrate - not social responsibility - but social irresponsibility? Consider how the company's actions ran counter to the tenets of CSR through its neglect of duty to the company's shareholders, its employees, and even the larger public trust. Be sure to cite specific examples.
2.What have been the long-term consequences of Enron's actions, and how did the company's implosion change our view of what it means for a company to be "socially responsible"?

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