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    ethical considerations

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    Upon arriving home from work one day, you hear that a car manufacturer is to fund a marketing project for the local high school students. Your daughter is excited about it and wants to enter. The students are to create marketing strategies that promote the sale of cars. Prizes are to be made to three students with the best ideas. For all entrants, a party will be given upon completion of the project-good food and some entertainment. At the party, aside from the manufacturer's representatives, there will be local sales representatives and loan officers. Thinking about it, you wonder if there are any ethical considerations:

    Was the project created to benefit the students with their education?
    Or was the project funded to drum up business for the car manufacturer?
    Should sales reps and loan officers be present at the party?

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    I do not see any ethical considerations in this scenario. The project served a dual purpose: It not only benefitted the student by providing them an opportunity to handle real life marketing scenario and thus, ...

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    Was the project created to benefit the students with their education?