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business environment China

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This problem describes important aspects of China's business environment. It gives some related references.

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What is the Business Environment in China?


First, the four nation-own banks almost monopolize the whole market. People more willingly put their deposits in those four banks because they belong to the government and seem never go bankrupt. Additionally, credit cards are not very extensively used in China, because it is too difficult to get credit from banks (no matter nation-own ones or commercial ones) and it is a bad habit in the Chinese tradition that spend the future money?. However, for the recognition to the convenience of credit cards of people and the comparatively lower standard of giving loans, commercial banks are starting to share the market with nation-own banks. it is believed they will become more and more important in the future.


Nowadays, the Internet and cell phones have become the basic communication tool for Chinese people. Because of the development of technology and decrease in monthly fee, the number of cell phone customer was increasing during the last few years.

Property Ownership

Though it is written in the constitution that all the property in the country belongs to the public, the Chinese government protects every dollar the citizens make. Assets, for example, cash, cars, house, stock, etc. are all under the protection of laws; in other words, the titles of private property are nationally recognized. For instance, once you ...

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