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Successful Business Communication Analysis

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Identify one example of a successful written communication from your organization (e.g., a well-written letter, memo, short report, e-mail, brochure, or posting). The writing sample should be comprehensive and general enough so that your fellow students can understand its nature and purpose.
In 850 word explain the importance of literate business communication, and analyze the style, purpose, audience, content, and organization of the example communication. The analysis should have a strong introduction with a thesis statement, a body, and a conclusion. Express why you believe the sample is successful, and in what ways, if any, it might be improved.
The following questions will help organize the analysis:
a. Why is literate business communication important?
b. How is this document a good example of literate business communication?
c. What is the purpose of the sample?
d. Does the writer use a direct or indirect strategy to achieve his/her purpose?
e. Who is the audience?
f. How does the writer address the audience?
g. What assumptions does the writer make about his/her audience?
h. What tone or style does the writer use?
i. How is the sample comprehensive, complete, concise, accurate, literate, etc?

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The business communication was an e-mail to all employees. My organization is a departmental store that is not doing very well because of the economic downturn. The store is forced to cut costs. It has decided to keep the store closed on Saturdays and Sundays and has proceeded to reduce the working days of employees to four days a week, but the employees will have to work ten hours a day.
The letter was written in such a positive language as if the employees were being given an additional holiday! The real reason was to reduce the cost of the store but the letter communicated that such a change would "enrich, enhance and improve" the lives of the employees. This is not fully correct because 10 hour days are very stressful to employees and everyone would gladly vote for a five day week.

a. Why is literate business communication important?
Literate business communication is important because it communicates the essential message in a positive manner. This might be a letter, memo or e-mail What matters is the manner in which the message is tackled.
b. How is this document a good example of literate business communication?
The e-mail is a good example of literate business communication because it communicates a potentially negative message in a very positive way. In this case the negative message is that the stores are making a loss, the stores are trying to control costs, for this they have reduced the hours of work and are imposing 10 hour days on employees, yet the e-mail message is that employees will have ...

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