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    Managing Communication - Four Part Case Study

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    The solution addresses each of the questions below:

    1. What makes a person more adaptable at one form of communication over another? How can an individual reduce his/her apprehension in the various communication settings?
    2. In analyzing the various element of communication, explain the importance of ensuring that management's message has been communicated effectively to those implementing the change.
    3. Assume you are a manager in an administrative office and the company has bought another company in the area. The company has decided to consolidate the administrative departments of the two companies and bring in a completely new computer system that will streamline the work. Your employees are very concerned for their jobs and it is affecting the department's morale and job performance. What steps do you take during this change to effectively communicate the message of change?
    4. Assume you are a manager in an international organization and have been directed to create a team for a new project. What approach will you use to create your team? What type of team structure would you use? How would you address problem solving with the team?

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    1. Adaptability to one form of a communication style over another depends on the individual's personality. If a person is very outgoing, they likely enjoy speaking to an audience and being the center of attention. For a shy person, speaking to even a small group may be completely overwhelming. Those who are very organized might utilize a formal presentation, such as PowerPoint or other visual aids that are strictly followed; whereas others may prefer to communicate "off the cuff" with little preparation at all. In adapting to any form of change, an individual can reduce apprehension by practicing. If the person is shy and uncomfortable talking to a large group, they may want to conduct a "trial run" with a smaller group of peers. In formal presentations, the individual who typically does not utilize any form of structure, should ...

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    In over 550 words, this solution addresses four parts of a managing communication case study. The areas of focus include an analysis on how people adapt to various forms of communication; analyzing the various elements of communication, a scenario in trying to calm fears about job security and closes with how to manage an international work team. Each of these facets is discussed in over 100 words; providing practical concepts for each topic.