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Hewlett-Packard Case Study

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2. Case Study Analysis
Based on the attached PDF file see the Hewlett-Packard-Supplying the DeskJet Printer in Europe case study located at the end of the attached file,Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis pertaining to the selected (HP)company in which you address the following:
a. Summarize the case.
b. Determine which of the four primary forecasting techniques is the best choice for the company, and justify your selection.
c. Explain the impact of aggregate planning on workforce size inventory quantity and production levels for the company.
d. Weigh the various cost factors associated with carrying inventory.
e. Explain how the concepts discussed in the case can be applied to your workplace.
f. Make recommendations for the organization based on your experience and reading

I would like to ask for your help in this case study in order for me to write my own paper perfectly.

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//As per the directions, we will write about the summary of the given case concerned with the Hewlett Packard: Supplying the DeskJet Printer in Europe. It will assist in gaining an insight about the overall case study and the processes used by the company for managing its supply chain. //

Summary of the Case

In the case, there is explanation about the introduction of DeskJet printers of the company, Hewlett-Packard. It was proved to be a successful product of the company in the market and the sales increased at a steady pace. The distribution centers of the company were full of inventory level, but there was a requirement of the company's product (DeskJet printers) in the distribution centers of the European markets, so that the product can be easily accessible to the customers. The supply chain of the company for DeskJet printers comprises of the interconnected system of suppliers, manufacturing locations, distribution centres, traders and customers. The main levels of manufacturing process are printed circuit assembly test (PCAT) and final assembly test (FAT) (Chase, Jacobs & Aquilano, 2005).

The case also summarizes the selling requirements of the DeskJet printers specifying the language and power supply channels. The localized versions of the DeskJet printers were available in the European market, such as A, AA, AB, etc. The case also provides the analysis of the overall supply chain activity time of DeskJet printers to the customers present in the European market. For becoming competitive in the market, the company provides substantial inventory to the distribution centres, so that proper availability of DeskJet printers can be maintained in the market.

According to the case, the company is facing problems in managing the demand of some models in the European markets and requires focusing on maintaining the optimum level of inventory, so that the safety stock level can be fulfilled. The company has established a team of experts for assessing the safety stock levels and making forecasts. Along with this, the distribution process of the company for the DeskJet printers is also standardized, so that the product flow from the manufacturing house to the dealers can be effectively managed and distributed (Chase, Jacobs & Aquilano, 2005).

//After summarizing the case, we will write about the primary forecasting techniques and suggest the best suitable forecasting technique for the company Hewlett Packard. It will assist in understanding the importance of forecasting technique for the company, so as to attain competitive advantage.//

Primary Forecasting Techniques

Forecasting techniques are generally used by the management of the business organizations for forecasting the demand and sales of their product in the market. It assists in making decisions regarding the future prospects of the demand and ...

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