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    LEED and SunEdison

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    1. What is LEED? (Functions, benefit)
    Certification of Silver, Gold and Platinum.
    Example of LEED in Toledo or Findlay.
    2. What is Sun of Edison?
    Explain Solar, Solar Panels, and the Sun Edison Model.

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    1. What is LEED? (Functions, benefit)
    LEED, which stands for leadership in energy and environmental design, is a rating system that measures and evaluates the construction and operation of high performance buildings, homes and neighborhoods and their compliance with the sustainable and environmentally sound practices (green building/construction).

    Functions -

    LEED functions as set of standards and codes for designer and builders to follow so as to construct more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and healthier habitation spaces. Buildings are rated on a point system based on how they comply with a given set of predetermined standards as well as a comparison of other buildings in their category. The entire process for LEED certification is done by an independent review conducted by relevant agencies and professionals.

    Benefits -

    The benefits of LEED are numerous:
    1. LEED buildings provide a healthier and more pleasant interior living and work environment.
    2. LEED buildings generate energy and water savings.
    3. LEED buildings contribute to environmental and resource sustainability and have a smaller environmental ...

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    LEED and SunEdison is examined. The expert explains Solar, Solar Panels and the Sun Edison Model.