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    Public Opinion Shaping Public Relations Efforts

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    Attitudes are based on a number of characteristics. Elaborate on how public relations can take advantage of one of these characteristics to shape public opinion. Describe and explain at least one example of how this characteristic was a focus of the selected public relations campaign.

    One goal of public relations is to manage public opinion on a particular topic. For the public relations campaign you selected, analyze the methods used to shape public opinion. Justify why you think these methods were either successful or unsuccessful

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    Public opinion is often the driving force that determines the direction an organization's public relations campaign will take to manage the image if its products and services. Opinions on diversity, sustainability, global disaster recovery, are among the many topics in that an organization's public relations group manages in relationship to its products and services. For the sake of this assignment, let's explore sustainability and its relationship to hotel chains.

    With growing concern over the Earth's resources, public focus has increased ...

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    This solution addresses how public opinion can shape the way a public relations department manages the image of its organization.